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  1. Trepliev1

    Temat growy

    jak można oczernić kogoś jego własnymi słowami to tak nie działa
  2. Trepliev1

    Temat growy

    I finally registered on the SA forums a week or so ago having been a loyal reader for a couple of years. I don't like the new design of the site, I want to kill it with fire, I liked my good-old Web1.0 scrolly site, give it back please. I'm posting this here because you lot are smart, and as such, I have no issues with you telling me that you think I'm wrong with this pseudo-rant. This may also be preaching to the choir a bit and for that I sincerely apologize. I hope at least you get some enjoyment out of this. If you're one of those fellows who likes to Digg, the article also has a Digg page, do with it as you see fit - http://digg.com/general_sciences/At...you_intelligent With that said and done, here goes. "It's novello time, and it's about religion, so unless you're ready to deal with some views you may not agree with, switch off now. In the words of Illidan "You are not prepared". Let's get this out here right now. I'm a 23 year old law graduate with an IQ of 155. My political beliefs are liberal and leftist, I listen to Metal and I enjoy violent movies, books and videogames, and I've been a Christian since birth. Baptised, confirmed of my own free will, son of a priest (who are pretty notorious for rebelling against their father's religious beliefs just for the sake of it). I'm part of the Anglican Church of England, which is pretty much the result of Henry the 8th getting pissed off with the catholics not allowing him to divorce his wife(s). We're the state religion of the UK, if you could even say the UK has one, we're pretty liberal about most things, women priests, gay priests, homosexuals in general, sex before marriage, contraception, we take the modern, reasonable way of looking at all of them. At the end of the day, the Bible taught us about forgiveness and being excellent to one another. It had a bit of a round-about way of doing it but what do you expect for a 2000 year old book written entirely by clerical males? It's gonna be a bit out of date, you've gotta read it in context. I have no problems with anyone's beliefs. Be whatever you want, as long as you believe (or don't believe) for a good reason. But if your game doesn't run at 60fps you deserve to get cancer.
  3. hwhehwheh amerykanscy naukowcy??? kto traktowalby powaznie kraj z najwiekszym dorobkiem naukowym historii
  4. Trepliev1

    Temat growy

    Podejrzane, na PS2 nie ma systemu do instalowania Zgłaszam cię do moderacji
  5. Co by sie stalo w przypadku remisu? Bo bym wygrała kółko i krzyżyk
  6. Też bym była rozdrażniona jakbym linuxa miała :3
  7. to sie rozwija do "lolling out loud out loud" Doczepilbys sie jakbym napisala lmao my ass off? :c
  8. Dosłownie te słowa zawsze kiedy MS chce konkurować z Apple
  9. Bluhhhh co on zrobił z oryginalnym kawałkiem :f Generalnie szanuję jego rapskill ale ughhh, jego głos i twarz sprawiają że chcę go uderzyć czymś w twarz. No i jest po prostu tak obrzydliwie... biały w tym o czym rapuje?? Ugh. Cztery. Youtube Video -> Oryginalne wideo
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