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Cholercia, usunęła z devianta :trollface:

Może, jak jest wolna, to Vodałke się za nią weźmie. :trollface:

Niestety Voda jest w podobnej sytuacji co Ylthin. Jego ona nie chce. I to bardzo. Podobno Voda ma już gotowy szkic na DA ze swoim wyznaniem, ale z pewnych względów po polskiemu :trollface:

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No i masz Hrabulo wpis o wyrywaniu lachonów, teraz się moda na sukces zrobiła, bo chłopaki pomylili maturę z egzaminem gimnazjalnym :trollface:

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I spent the whole damned night, lying in bed and crying in the pillow.

Now I sit with my notebook on my laps and I wonder if I...


He found another friend. I mean, it's OK, I'm not that jealous... It's only his choice. Sometimes I'm just pretty annoing, I get it. With all these moans of mine, these "problems" that doesn't really matter.


He don't know it, but for me... I was afraid of that. But as hours kept passing, it slowly came to my mind... with fear, hate and many other feelings...

Well. Once I used to love him (or at least - think I do so). And I was pretty sure that it's gone...

It's not.

Anyway, I keep reading his messages on AQQ, wondering, if I'm strong enough to tell him, though I know it will break this whole relationship, weak and fragile...

He found another girl. Ocasionally, she's at my age, but it does not matter. It seems that she is... very special. "She's different than the others", he said...

I'm sure he forgot I'm different too. First giant scratch on my soul.

"Surely she's clever, smart, kind and nice...", I wrote, feeling how my heart starts to beat slowly and painfully. Second scratch on the soul.


Well... "So stay with her", I typed on my keyboard, while two big tears rolled down my cheeks. "Ignore me. You have a great friend. You don't need that crying, worthless thingy like me." Third scratch on my soul.

We kept writing for a while... But it was senseless. Some words about... *sigh*

I was wondering if I should tell him, but I decided not to do so.

And I started to cry... only because I'm worthless.

That's it.

Last scratch on the soul.

It's broken, shattered into pieces.

But he doesn't care about my feelings, about my tears. He simply doesn't care about me.

I understand him and I don't try to fight. It makes no sense.

He won't read it... I guess. So I can simply write it here:

"I don't want to set the world on fire...

I just want to start a flame in your heart."

How do you think? How I feel?

You don't care, but my tears are real. As well as my feelings...

You bastard.

You know what I realised last night?

I love you.

Best wishes. For you and your new friend. Good luck.

I'll just go away... I won't disturb you.

Farewell, my Sparkie.

You douchebag.


PS. It appeared that he know that girl for a long time...

Damn. I feel like piece of...

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"Trollfejsowy blog" - ta, chciałbyś. Gdzie te trolle, które potrafiły napisać jednego posta na forum i otrzymywać żarliwe odpowiedzi przez kilka następnych lat?

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To sobie będą śpiewać za kilka dni :trollface:.

Czy to jakieś przywidzenie, czy to... coś zebrało 666442 łapek w górę? :pokerglass:

Za to piosenka o Jezusie jest fajna :wub: , mimowolnie zacząłem kiwać głową do rytmu :cheesy:

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Ojeju, już tak się nie przejmuj, Mastodonie, nikt nie lubi szitu :trollface:. ONE DIRECTION I 30STM FFKI.

Jebus is a friend of mine, to będzie mnie rozwalać do końca gimbazy.

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