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The Godfather - review




Drugi już wpis w języku angielskim na moim blogu. wink_prosty.gif Tym razem recenzja książki o problematyce rodzinnej, dokładniej - konflikt rodzinny. Na warsztat poszło dzieło "The Godfather", klasyk. Praca ta to odgrzewany kotlet, ale nie aż tak bardzo... jeszcze trochę ciepły (recka pisana w zeszłym miesiącu). Miłego czytania wink_prosty.gif

Wszelkie poprawki mile widziane/wskazane w komentarzach smile_prosty.gif

All of us know that family problems are present in most of books, movies etc. This problems are effected by family member?s wrong doings. Main factors of arguments or worse results are money, betrayal, losing trust and revenge or for instance disagreement between family members.

Good instance for this is description of Corleone family in ?The Godfather? - the crime novel written by Mario Puzo, published in 1969. Author tell us the story of Don Vito and his family related with Italian mafia in New York City.

Corleone family ignore society and created their(s) own community. They?re above the law. On the one hand members respect each other, but on the other hand when something goes wrong ? they?re ready to kill. Characters make their living place comfortable by dirty business, murder, making good relationship etc. Title The Godfather ? Vito ? made a lot of relations with important people from NY City and earn some respect by his doings, interests etc. Vito manage, the rest performs.

First of all, very good plot and climate of novel are main advantages of ?The Godfather?. Characters and their doings makes the book believable. It?s very hard to find any disadvantage for novel. One bad thing in the whole book is that some chapters of ?The Godfather? are weakly connected with main plot. It?s really means nothing for reading this crime.

The Godfather is masterpiece and I do(can) recommend it for everyone who want to know what loyalty, trust and honor means to family with traditions.



Recommended Comments

these problems, a nie this problems; arguments jest liczbą mnogą rzeczownika "kłótnia", argues to czasownik w trzeciej osobie; they're above the law (zamiast over); on the one hand... on the other, a nie in one hand;


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