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Cabal- "Fail to download server information restart launcher ple"

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Witam, proszę o pomoc, gdy zainstalowałem Cabala i chciałem włączyć, żeby się pobrały aktualizacje, to wyskatuję mi taka informacja(jak w temacie). Czytałem i próbowałem już chyba wszystkiego.

1.Specjalnie nawet odinstalowałem antywirusa.

2. dodawałem wyjątek w zaporze systemowej.

3. Od nowa instalowałem Cabala.

4. Włączałem i wyłączałem tryb offline w IE...

Proszę o pomoc ;)

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Nie czytałeś dokładnie tongue_prosty.gif

Dzisiaj rano producent(właściciel) gry ESTsoft zamknął serwery gry bez informowania graczy, a co ważniejsze wydawcy Games-Masters.com. Podobno z powodu niekompetencji wydawcy, z drugiej jednak strony do ostatniej chwili doili kasę i nagle bez zapowiedzi zamykają serwery. Nie liczyłbym na otwarcie serwerów w najbliższym czasie.

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W pierwszej kolejności to dzięki za odpowiedz ;)

Ale jak to zamknął? Czyli teraz nikt z graczy nie może sobie grać w Cabala, tak? Czyli są małe szanse na to, że w najbliższych dniach servery Cabala ruszą? To pewnie dla tego wczoraj już nie mogłem założyć nowego konta ;)

A ten problem miałem już wczoraj na wieczór.

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To Our CABAL Online Players

First of all, we are sorry that so many of you got caught by surprise, seeing that your beloved game has all of a sudden been shut down without warning. And we have to add that it also caught us by surprise.

We would like to make some clarifications regarding the announcement made by ESTSoft Inc. and their declarations that are far from facts. They claimed that we failed to pay royalties for two years and that we remained uncooperative in rectifying the matter. This is simply and factually wrong and the sum that publicly has been stated is utter nonsense. If we didn?t pay any royalties for two years why did they continue to support the game with updates and events, and didn?t shut it down earlier?

From our point of view, we were still in negotiations about the terms to resolve the situation, especially looking at a licence-contract that is about to run out in the near future anyways. Yes, there was outstanding debt. But there were negotiations going on for quite a while on this matter, where WE brought several solutions to the table, most of them got denied or simply took too long to put into place. The fantasy-sum that has been flying around is certainly wrong (another part of this mess: We haven?t even settled for the real amount in the talks yet, but still, their claimed number is way too high).

Something similar applies with the takeover. At one point, WE even suggested that as a solution to them, offering our full support in doing so. Something that they have not commented on until now.

The said negotiations were still being discussed and yet, ESTSoft is claiming to take over the service with a brand new website, support forum, features, contents and updates. Seemingly, discussions were to naught given the readiness of ESTSoft to take over and resume services that would normally take months to achieve.

What is most important however, is that ESTSoft claimed, i.e., that ?Cabal Cash? cannot be moved when the service transfers to them from Games-Masters. From the start, Cabal Cash is controlled by ESTsoft too because they are the ones who have access. In fact we are no longer able to see this data when ESTSoft shut down the game. They now have sole control of these sums of virtual money. If ESTSoft was really concerned about this, they should have told us of their plans to take over immediately and we could have prepared for a smoother transition. This would give customers a chance to spend their cash in the game before ESTSoft shut it down. Unfortunately this didn?t happen. However we will find a solution for it.

The bottom-line here is that we want to apologise to Cabal customers who are adversely affected by these actions. We are as surprised as you are when they shut down the service of the game. The fact is that until now we just got an email notification about it. We are likewise helpless in the situation, as we no longer have any access to the database of the game. We wanted to thank you all for your continued loyalty to the game and we honestly wish that this never happened. We are now taking appropriate actions as regards to the matter and we will update you about it.

Wzięte z fejsa. Są tam też informacje, że już wczoraj nie działały serwery. LINK

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