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Photoshop CS -> CS2

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Przymierzam się do podmiany softu w firmie (jak w tytule) i ciekaw jestem, czy są jakieś problemy z wykorzystywaniem wtyczek.

Króciutko: będą działać w CS2 te, które działają mi w starszym CeeSie?

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Will my plugins and filters still work after upgrading?

I have not heard of any issues with plugins in Photoshop CS2, though most plugins will need to be reinstalled. Photoshop CS and higher for Mac require OS X versions of plug-ins and will not load or run MacOS 9 (aka "Classic only") plugins. Many plugin vendors have updated their plugins for Mac OS X. Mac OS X users of Photoshop 7 will need updated plugins to run natively in OS X, though most will work with Photoshop 7 in OS 9 or in Classic mode. If you have problem with a plugin after reinstalling it, check for an update patch from the developer and be sure you have installed any available Photoshop updates or patches.

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