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  1. Danath knew he was lost. The group had been on the move since that feisty little human urged them to start walking again. At first Danath was hesitant about following the others deeper into the grim forest, but eventually decided he could not leave his companions like that. All together, they resumed their journey, which had lasted for a few long hours. Danath did not notice when he split from the group. He had just stopped for a brief moment, examining the tracks he had stumbled across during the journey, and when he lifted his head, the others were nowhere to be found. 'Curse this wretched forest', he thought angrily. Danath stood up and sniffed the air, trying to pick up the others' scent. What he felt filled him with fear; the stench of Felhounds permeated the air. Those beasts were all too well known to Danath - foul creatures summoned from the abyss, serving evil spellcasters as pets. Given the intensity of the smell, they must have been somewhere in the vicinity and their numbers were probably too great for Danath alone to handle. However, there was something else that had brought hope back to Danath - mingled with the felhounds' odour was the smell of his companions. 'I must make haste and join them before it's too late', he thought, dashing off in the direction whence the smell came, carried by the gentle wind which now blew on his face. For a second he was unsure where to go, but it was then that a shrill cry rang out nearby. Danath recognised the voice of one of his companions. 'Was his name... Ivo?', Danath asked himself. 'No matter! I know where they are know.' He quickly made his way through some bushes and found himself on a small clearing. Directly in front of him was a massive rock, but nobody could be seen around. 'The shout must have come from behind the rock', he thought, running towards it. The stench of felhounds intensified as he closed in. Danath had almost reached the rock, when he heard growling coming from the bushes to his left. His hand strayed to the hilt of his sword. A single drop of sweat rolled down his forehead. At the same moment something leapt out of the bush, knocking him to the ground. Danath quickly sprang to his feet and turned around, standing face to face with his assailant. He stared at the hideous creature in front of him; it was the size of a largely overgrown bear, its eyes pitch-black. The monster's mouth opened wildly as it let out a loud screech, revealing massive fangs. Sharp spikes protruded from the creature's back and its tail. The felhound growled again, backing off, as if waiting for its comrades. 'I just hope those people I'd come here with are somewhere around', he thought, trying to remain calm and clutching his sword tightly. 'Or this fight may be my last.' ------ feisty - touchy, quarrelsome; porywczy, zadzorny to resume - to start doing something again; ponawiac scent (noun) - an odour left by the passing of an animal or human stench - a very unpleasant smell to be in the vicinity of sth - the state of being near in space or relationship; proximity mingled with - mixed with to dash - to run somewhere very quickly; used with a number of prepositions whence (literary) - from where shrill (adjective) - a sound that is shrill is loud and unpleasant to listen to; przenikliwy to growl - warczec hideous (adjective) - repulsive, especially to the sight; revoltingly ugly; paskudny, wstretny to protrude - wystawac, sterczec
  2. Danath took a step towards the draconian. He had met several representatives* of that species before, and had harboured profound respect for them ever since. Admiring their extraordinary intellect, wisdom and command of magic, meeting another one of their kind was truly exhilirating for him. 'My name is Danath Karwynn' ,he said loudly so that everyone around could hear him. Bowing graciously before the creature, he added: 'I am honoured to make your acquaintance'. As he looked in the humanoid's eyes, behind which he could clearly see keen wits, it occurred to him that a creature so adept at magic could try to use some of its skills to help the group find a way to safety or to some people. Nothing else came to Danath's mind; he had initially thought of using his tracking skills to follow the inhabitants of the forest and find a way out, but failing to spot a single animal since he regained conscience foiled his plan even before he could put it into life. Since traditional methods of tracking were of no use in such circumstances, perhaps magic would be more helpful? "I'll ask him about this as soon as we get to know each other a little bit better...", Danath thought, waiting for the draconian's reaction... ---------- Exhilirating - making you feel very happy, excited and energetic To make somebody's acquaintance (formal) - to meet somebody for the first time wits (noun, formal) - intelligence * - I know it's not the most suitable option available, but my mind seems to have gone blank, lol
  3. How long Danath had been in a dark and uneasy slumber, he could not tell. The last thing he could remember was himself walking down a deserted street in the Downtown of Raven, heading to the inn for the rest of the night. And then, instead of waking up in a cosy room, he found himself lying on his back in the middle of nowhere, his limbs numb, his head throbbing with pain. He had been woken up by some people he had never seen before. At first Danath thought they were his captors, but it was not long before he realised they had all been in the same boat. Normally Danath would just grab his sword, Shadowrender, and scour the nearby woods in search of his oppressors, but that particular situation was altogether different. He had no memory of being confronted by anyone the night before, so whoever captured him must have used some foul magic to stun him from distance. Danath had no fear of spellcasters, but he was still weakened, hence the decision to make his escape with the others. He harboured doubts as to whether they could be trusted, but had little choice. 'We have no time for idle chatter, people', he said in his deep voice. 'It will not be long before our captors return, and I still haven't regained full strength to fight them, so we had better make haste and get out of here. If you have any ideas where we could go to find safety, speak now!'. Danath placed his hands on his hips and stared at the others expectantly. 'Should they prove too indecisive to make a decision quickly, I will find my own way out' ,he thought, waiting for an answer. --- slumber (literary) - sleep ; to slumber - to sleep cosy (also spelled cozy) - comfortable and warm (przytulny) limb - konczyna numb (adjective) - in this context: deprived of physical sensation or the ability to move (odretwialy) to scour - to search through or over thoroughly hence (adverb) - for this reason; therefore make haste (old-fashioned) - hurry up hip - biodro ((Just like for Lord Nargogh, this is my first session, so try not to be too harsh on me Any tips on how to improve can be sent to me via Private Messages. I can also try to help with the language itself, just bear in mind that I cannot be entirely relied on as I don't drop in at regular intervals, and I don't want to feel guilty for keeping you waiting But I WILL reply to any PM, if waiting a day or two doesn't put you off. ))
  4. opoz

    Sztuki walki

    A w mordę chcesz? A na serio - jesli mnie oczeta nie mylą, od tego wlasnie jest ten temat. Poki nie zamienia sie on w e-peena "a ja bedac po dwoch flaszkach zalatwilem XX dresow!", wymiana opinii na temat roznych systemow walki jest mile widziana. :lol: Wybacz, ale nie dbam o zdrowie kogos, kto calą bandą wyrusza na miasto, zeby krasc przypadkowym osobom ich - byc moze ostatnie - pieniadze i inne precjoza. Zresztą buce muszą liczyć sie z tym, ze trafią na kogos, kto nie da sie zastraszyc i zrobi z nimi porzadek - jak dostana po gębie, z pretensjami niech ida do siebie samych. Jestem lagodnym czlowiekiem, nigdy sie z nikim nie bilem, a idąc drogą przenoszę ślimaki na trawkę, co by nikt nań nie nadepnął, ale wobec takich szumowin nie mialbym zadnych skrupulow. Nabicie takim guza to wedlug mnie o wiele za malo... Owszem, zgadza sie, ze najlepiej jest, w miarę mozliwosci, unikac walki. Jesli jednak jest sie przypartym do muru - nie ma zmiłuj. Cytując Aragorna: "show them no mercy, for you shall receive none". Aha, wczesniej ktos pisal o wyciskaniu XX(X) kg na klate i tym podobnych bzdurkach. Panowie, podnoszenie ciezarow rozwija sile *statyczną*, ktora w walce do niczego sie nie przydaje. To, ze ktos wyciska 120 kg nie znaczy, ze bedzie potrafił wyprowadzić potęzny cios, gdyz moc tegoż zalezna jest od sily *dynamicznej*, w znacznej mierze ksztaltowanej przez masę ciała i technikę (szybkosc, praca nóg, tulowia i... dłoni). Gorzej, jesli ktos laczy silke z nauka boksu/Krav Magi i odpowiednią dietą
  5. opoz

    Sztuki walki

    W pelni popieram herr Gustava. Jesli ktos szuka stylu walki, ktory znajdzie zastosowanie podczas konfrontacji na ulicy, Krav Maga bedzie najlepszym wyborem (opcjonalnie Street Boxing). W wiekszosci wymienionych wczesniej sztuk walki nacisk kladzie sie na nauke obrony przed roznymi wymyslnymi kopnieciami, dzwigniami i takimi tam. Ale przeciez 99% napastnikow na ulicy to amatorzy machajacy lapami na oslep! W takich sytuacjach wszystkie misterne plany odparowywania danych atakow sypia sie jak domek z kart, bo przeciez w czasie cwiczen nikt nie atakowal w sposob, w jaki robi to przecietny drechol. Na koniec link do pewnego filmiku - on powie wiecej niz milion slow. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8xPUv71mYIQ Przy okazji mozna zobaczyc, jak NIE nalezy walczyc (vide koles w bialej bluzie :lol: ). ...Need I say more?
  6. To akurat dobrze pamietam . Ten tekst padl w recenzji Rapid Gunnera, i brzmial tak: "fabula cienka, postacie papierowe...". Mnie osobiscie z tej samej recenzji rozbawil podpis pod screena "w saloonie mozna sobie strzelic jednego...", a takze "osiem minut koszmarnie nudnej, sztampowej zabawy na osmiu klaustrofobicznych mapkach, a wszystko to za niecale dwie dychy. No kurcze, okazja! Lec do sklepu, bo jeszcze wykupia". Ogolnie to moglbym jeszcze dlugo wymieniac, wiec mowiac krotko: Kaszankowe recenzje, glownie te autorstwa Eugeniesza Siekiery, dialogi z GW, czesc podpisow pod screeny ("no to spadam, madame" uzywam na codzien do zegnania sie z kolezankami ), no i, last but not least, AR. Ogolnie rzecz biorac, swietnych tekstow jest w CDA na peczki; tak trzymac, Panowie B)
  7. Ales sie rozpisal, kolego Mateusz vel Stefan -> proponuje build Fury - 17/44/0 ( http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/classe...000000000000000 ) Wedlug mnie jest to optymalny PvE build, a i mozna sprobowac pograc nim PvP (o ile nie liczy sie na przesadne sukcesy ). Przede wszystkim zapewnia on warriorowi ogromne zasoby Rage, co pozwala nieustannie korzystac z umiejetnosci zadajacych obrazenia, odnawiac buffy typu "X Shout" etc. Mozna by dyskutowac, czy Improved Cleave jest lepsze od Imp. Heroic Strike; osobiscie jestem na tak, gdyz HS generuje mnostwo threatu, co w polaczeniu z niskim cooldownem, kiedy ma sie szybka bron w łapie, moze prowadzic do overaggrowania. Natomiast Cleave nie zadaje zadnego ekstra threatu (tylko tyle co zwykly atak), wiec mozna z niego korzystac bez obawy, ze boss nagle odwroci sie od tanka i pociagnie nam z Zidane'a. No i oczywiscie przy odpowiednim ustawieniu druzyny bedzie mozna nim rezac dwoch przeciwnikow naraz ;] Trzeba pamietac, zeby nie korzystac z Cleave'a, kiedy ma sie wlaczone Sweeping Strikes, bo SS sie tyko zmarnuje. Commanding Presence rowniez sobie odpuscilem, gdyz sposobow na zwiekszenie swojego HP / Attack Powera jest od metra i troche. Improved Thunder Clap spowolni szybkosc atakow bossa o 20%, co bedzie wyraznie odczuwalne dla healerow i tanka i... to chyba wszystko, reszta nie wymaga wyjasnien. Hope this helps B)
  8. Horror, moj drogi, generalnie opiera sie na dwoch filarach: 1) obrzydzenie, groza, wstręt i ich wywołanie u widza 2) lęk, strach, niepokój i ich wywołanie u widza A to, czy owe strach i obrzydzenie wywolane zostana za pomoca wilkolaka, psychola z pila lancuchowa czy wizją Ryska Kalisza w samych stringach nie ma znaczenia, wszak glowne cele horroru zostaly osiagniete ;] A ze w roznych rodzajach horrorow preferuje sie rozne metody straszenia, wyszczegolnic mozemy, dajmy na to, gore, slashery czy nastrojowe straszydla, takie jak na przyklad doskonaly Omen z 1976 roku lub Darkness (Ciemnosc) sprzed paru lat. To takie proste prawo demokracji - ty uwazasz ze Michael Myers jest be, a ktos inny mysli zupelnie odwrotnie - i nikt nie ma wiekszej racji, bo rozni ludzie maja rozne potrzeby, jesli chodzi o te nasze nieszczesne horrory ;] Moja kobita na przyklad zawsze podskakuje ze strachu, kiedy z ciemnosci nagle wyskakuje Jason z tluczkiem do mięsa (wiadomo, blondynka ), a na mnie nie robi to wrazenia. Natomiast ilekroc obejrze "Omen", zawsze przez kilka nastepnych dni od seansu mimowolnie zapalam swiatlo w kazdym pokoju. Ot, co kto lubi ;] EDIT: bylbym zapomnial: na "Krzyk" nalezy patrzec z przymruzeniem oka, bo ten film z zalozenia mial byc kpiną z gatunku (co widac na przyklad po groteskowej wrecz postaci mordercy/ow). Co innego "Teksanska Masakra" czy "Halloween".
  9. Panowie, i tak najnudniejsza i najbardziej prostacka w prowadzeniu klasa jest Resto Szaman. Slowo daje, nic sie nie robi, tylko wciska kija odpowiedzialnego za spamowanie chain heala, elo. Sam co prawda nigdy nie gralem jako resto (rogue user B) ), ale z tego, co widzialem na sfrapsowanych przez kolege filmikach z Black Temple, do tego wlasnie sprowadza sie cala gra taka postacia (plus okazjonalne odpalenie trinketow i postawienie jakichs totemow). Co do lockow - affliction jest zdecydowanie trudniejsze w prowadzeniu niz destro, mozna nim tez topowac damage metery, ale tylko w raidach na poziomie SSC i TK; potem, gdy uzbieraja troche sprzetu z hastem, destruction lockowie zjadaja affliction bez popitki. Sad but true
  10. Na wspominki sie zebralo, he? To i ja dodam cos od siebie W 3. klasie gimnazjum przydzielono nam nowa anglistke. Pierwszy dzien, w ktorym maja odbyc sie zajecia z nia, klasa czeka niecierpliwie przed sala. Nagle do drzwi podchodzi jakas filigranowy osobnik plci zenskiej, na oko 150 cm w kapeluszu i na szpilkach, po czym zaczyna cos majstrowac przy drzwiach. Jeden z kolegow lapie ja za ramie i ciagnie do tylu, mowiac: "co ty tu robisz dziecko, wy macie zajecia na parterze". Dopiero histeryczne "jestem nowa nauczycielka!!" wyprowadzilo nas z bledu. A wszystko daltego, ze chodzilem do szkoly bedacej jednoczesnie podstawowka i gimnazjum, w ktorej mlodsze klasy mialy zajecia na parterze, a starsze na gorze A i w liceum bylo pare rodzynkow wsrod nauczycieli. Ot, chocby nasz fizyk, ktory biorac kogos do odpowiedzi zawsze kazal podchodzic ze swoim zeszytem do jego biurka, po czym zaczal "przepytywac" nieszczesnika korzystajac z jego notatek. Gosc najlepsze lata zycia mial juz zdecydowanie za soba, wiec troche mu sie ten-tegowalo, przez co jego przepytywanie polegalo na tym, ze wybieral z zeszytu jakis rysunek, po czym pytal "a co przedstawia ten rysunek?". Oczywiscie niczego nie zaslanial reka, wystarczylo wiec przeczytac opis danego obrazka, po czym koles zwykle stwierdzal "dobrze, orientujesz sie. Czworka!".
  11. Noo, moge dac, ale zeby uniknac rozczarowan uprzedzam, ze wylacznosc na mnie ma pani ze zdjecia ;)

  12. To jeszcze cos ode mnie: - "Chcialbym zglosic reklamacje tego waszego wspanialego plynu do usuwania plam z metalowych powierzchni..." -"Ej, to ty sprzedales mi te podróbki kart pokemonów?" -"Co za czasy - wyjdzie czlowiek na chwile do pracy, a juz zdążą zakosić mu bokserki"
  13. Tabletki!... Gdzie sa moje tabletki?! Za jakie grzechy ktos wywleka mi z pamieci te traume? xD Patrzac na to po raz drugi, naprawde nie wiem, co mna kierowalo, gdy wypelnialem deklaracje maturalna Nigdy nie przyjmujcie darmowych drinkow od kolezanek! No ale grunt, ze wszystko dobrze sie skonczylo - zdalem z powalajacym wynikiem 37% B) Cud, ze w ogole zdalem... Do wszystkich niezdecydowanych odnosnie tego, do jakich przedmiotow podchodzic na maturce: rzuccie okiem na to, co zalinkowala Niziolka, a potem posluchajcie mojej rady i trzymajcie sie od tego diabelstwa jak najdalej. Jesli koniecznie chcecie podjac jakies wyzwanie, to moze lepiej sprobujcie wcisnac paste do zebow z powrotem do tubki. Mniej nerwow stracicie, niz gapiac sie na 169. z kolei zdjecie durnej katedry, ktora od dwudziestu innych odroznia plama na jednej z szyb.
  14. opoz

    Only English :)

    I did get your point, and I didn't call any one of them "generic"either . I was just hoping that those three, being widely known in general, would be appealing to all of you. They're my favourites, that's why But the generic DnD/whatever setting is absolutely fine with me and for everyone else, I guess. Let's not exaggerate, I can do without a walking stick. And a word of consolation - your English is streets ahead of most of my friends', and they're my age. It's not very impressive, but you're not as bad as those friends of mine. Would you ask for the time by saying "what hours?"? Just keep learning and don't worry about mistakes - we all make them, including natives. Besides, one needn't be old to know a language well - it's all about dedication, hard work and talent. EDIT: Yeah, no surprise to me here. I even elaborated on this matter earlier on . Oh, and one more thing: Rankin has posted the rules of the game, as well as an introduction to the world it is set in, in the RP section. I suggest you get acquianted with it as soon as possible so that the game can begin shortly. Link: http://forum.cdaction.pl/index.php?showtop...mp;#entry723001 Gotta go now... it's time to invent a story for my character .
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