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Best SEO specialist in Milwaukee

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1. Experience working in SEO field.

Minimum experience - 1 year. Recommended 2-3 years.

2. The number of breeding projects in the TOP search engines.

Preferably, it has been shown from 10 projects and more, while the positions used for the promotion must be at least mid-range (which request in the search engine more than 500 times per month).

3. Having your own Milwaukee SEO specialist website with your Portfolio.

Quite an important criterion - SEO portfolio, followed by all respecting SEO optimizers.

4. The opening of contact data for communication: phone, Skype, email address, be SURE to a personal meeting and fellowship.

If the person communicates with You, not only by means of ICQ or Mail, then surely he is not afraid for the quality of their work. Otherwise You he does not just explain and send to hell at the indicated contacts.

5. Monthly payments for promotion.

If someone wants the whole amount at once is reason to doubt. Better to agree on payment for parts. For example, paid - specialist did part of the work reported, received the second part.

6. Photo, communicating via Skype.

If the person is willing to perform services for the promotion of high quality, then on his website, he will surely put your photo supposedly admire me how clever I am. Jokes are jokes, but most of it is true. It is also easily go to the link by means of video in Skype.

7. Diplomas, awards (optional, but still).

If you have certificates, awards and participation in conferences is just great. People not sitting at home, and improving, expanding, shows herself to people watch.

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